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According to TripAdvisor there are 3,584 attractions in London. That’s bonkers, no wonder people are often overwhelmed about what to see and do while they’re there.

For me, a winning combination for a day in London would be visiting a museum/art gallery, eating delicious food, chatting with friends, having a drink and seeing a show.

Which is EXACTLY how I spent my day while I was in the big smoke last week. I could leave it there, but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting blog post, would it?! so I’ll tell you more…

I started by walking through Trafalgar Square and jumping in a cab to the British Museum.  This is my absolute favourite museum in London, with the Natural History/Science museum coming in a very close second.

If you’ve been to the British Museum, then I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about; both the building itself and the exhibits inside are incredible. There are eight levels to explore and four cafe’s to refuel in.    I got to look at all these amazing artefacts with my lovely friend Kerry, who travelled down from Northampton to see me and was made to leave her knitting at security (love her!).

Ancient Egypt British Museum


To be fair we spent a lot of time eating brunch and then having a huge catch-up while we wandered around, so we didn’t get to see as much as we could have. Nonetheless it was wonderful; the hours passed so quickly, as they are always do when you’re having fun and it was soon time to be on our (separate) ways.

Next stop for me was meeting up with the fabulous Tianna from The Passport Chronicles  who was also on a little holiday to London.  We popped into The National Gallery for afternoon tea.  It was Tianna’s first and although not the best afternoon tea ever, it was still very tasty, especially those cakes.

It was lovely catching up with Tianna and find out all about the exciting trips she has coming up.  We had managed to grab half price tickets for Made In Dagenham at the tkts stand in Leicester Square, so after a lovely G&T made our way into the Adelphi to watch the show.  The cast were fantastic, especially Gemma Arterton, who plays the role of Rita O’Grady perfectly and I really wasn’t expecting that voice!

Getting back to my little hotel room, I was absolutely knackered, but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

What would your perfect day in London look like?

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  • Holly says:

    Ah, looks like one of my fave days in London 🙂 Kerry sounds awesome by the way. London is always better with friends I think!

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