It seems like forever ago since Boon and I started planning our trip to Morocco. It feels a little bizarre to have actually visited the number one destination on my holiday list.  This means of course that number two has now moved up to the top slot – but we’ll talk about that another time.

I’ve tried to be a good travel blogger and written individual posts for each part of our trip, but I still wanted to do more of a round-up of the whole trip as well.

So, we flew out of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport on 19th December. We had a great park and stay deal at the Mercure. Other than that I have to say that Terminal 2B of CDG is rather crap.  There are very few shops, or places to eat, especially once you go through security (there is no currency exchange once you go through security either, so make sure you sort your spending money out beforehand – otherwise, trust me, it makes things a little difficult)

Casablanca Sea View

Arriving in Casablanca, we made our way to the Club Val D Anfa Hotel, where we stayed for two nights.  Our room had a gorgeous sea view.  Apart from a lovely evening at Rick’s Cafe, Casablanca did very little for me,  there wasn’t much to see and I felt more uncomfortable there than I did anywhere else during the trip.  I dressed very conservatively (and maybe it was just because we were ‘off the beaten track’ a little, but I was stared at a lot.

We got the train from Casablanca to Fes. The ticket machine at Casablanca station is fabulous; not only was there the option to translate everything into English, there as also a very helpful attendant standing by.

We opted for first class and our four-hour journey was really very pleasant. The carriages were spacious and the seats were large and comfy with your own tray table.  There was a trolley making its way up and down around every thirty minutes, with a huge selection of food and drink available.  Two first class tickets from Casablanca and Fes cost less than €30.

Fes Medina

We had two nights in Fes, staying at the Riad Le Calife. And I absolutely loved it. We spent hours walking around the Medina, taking in the sights and sounds and smells. I even ate camel at the lovely Cafe Clock.

Next up was our train journey to Marrakech. This time it was just over seven hours in a traditional first class carriage (tickets for the two of us came to less than €60). There were six seats in each carriage and we had fantastic views travelling across Morocco and a trolley service.  We were also able to help one of the locals by helping them translate a letter from English.  So that was nice.

Badii Palace Terrace Marrakech

Marrakech train station is very well-equipped and a taxi to the Riad Mur Akush cost €4. Unfortunately the taxi driver, didn’t drop us at the right place and we had a bit of drama getting to our hotel.  Having our cases with us, made us a target for every unethical tout, which was rather unpleasant.  We had four days in Marrakech, again staying in the Medina.

As well as wandering around the Souks, we explored some wonderful sights… Saadian Tombs, Badii Palace, Jardin Majorelle, Musee du Marrakech and the Medersa Ben Youssef.  As a special treat on Christmas Eve we headed to La Maison Arabe for dinner.

Majorelle Gardens Marrakesh

On our last day in Marrakech we took a ride in a Calesh around the Medina walls.  It is really important to haggle – I know it goes against the grain sometimes, but it is expected. We were originally quoted €40 for a 45 minute ride, but got it for €28 by saying that we were going home that afternoon and it was all the money we had left (which actually happened to be true) but that’s a negotiation tactic that I’ve used before and it works really well (you must make sure you have the exact cash though)

All in all, I loved Morocco and would definitely like to go back to Fes and Marrakech.

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