Building Old Town Basel

I was really excited to head over to Switzerland and explore my third new country of 2013.

Unfortunately the weather in Basel was not kind to us. It rained A LOT and it was the kind of rain that bounces off the pavement and hurts when it hits you.  Luckily we had a great hotel, so spending some time there was hardly a chore.

When it did stop raining, we headed straight out into the old town (we were staying just five minutes away) for a mooch.  Our time was limited, the sky looked like it would begin piddling down again any second, so we didn’t worry about a map, we just walked around, taking in the amazing old buildings.

Old Town Basel is beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  It is a maze of streets and getting lost in them (which we did of course) is a pleasure.

Riverside View Basel Museum Door Basel Munsterplatz Building Basel Mittlere Brücke River Basel Dragon Fountain Basel Cathedral Munster Basel Switzerland Buildings Basel Switzerland Building Shutters Basel Building Old Town Basel Basel Sculpture