On Board An Aircraft Carrier; A Day At The Intrepid Museum

Intrepid Helicopter

What do you do with an aircraft carrier that has been used in three wars, survived five kamikaze attacks AND a torpedo strike?  Well, if you’re smart you turn it into the centrepiece of a museum dedicated to sea, air and space.

Which is exactly what has happened to the Intrepid.   Moored up at Pier 86 in Hell’s Kitchen, the skyscrapers make for a stunning backdrop to the planes on-board.

Let’s face it, the Intrepid wasn’t very high up on my list of places to visit, but Philip was happier than a pig in shit, wandering around on the flight deck telling me the history of all the planes – until I wandered off to take pictures 😉

I did enjoy our visit to the Space Shuttle Pavilion though, learning all about the Hubble Space Telescope and seeing the Enterprise,   Plus we got to see Concorde, which was rather cool.  And if you’re that way inclined, there is a submarine you can explore as well.

There were a lot of interactive exhibits, so this is a good one for kids; but it’s not cheap ($31 for adults) and it will cost quite a bit extra if you want to ride in any of the simulators, tour Concorde or take an audio tour, which I think is a bit off.

Intrepid Aircraft Carrier

MJR Intrepid Museum

Philip Intrepid Helicopter

Top Gun Plane Intrepid Museum

Intrepid Museum View

Blue Angels Intrepid Museum

Helicopter Intrepid

Planes Intrepid Museum

Hubble Exhibition Intrepid


Hubble Photography

British Airways Concorde

Find out more about the Intrepid on their website.

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