Photo An Hour: 23rd March, New York City

Intrepid Museum New York

I used to read a blog called The Dainty Squid and I loved it when Kaylah would take a photo each hour she was awake during a given day. I’d kind of forgotten all about it until Kerri from Crumbs In The Bed did a similar post recently.

Feeling all inspired while I was in New York, I thought it was time to do one myself.

// 08.00 This was exactly what I saw as I woke up, the view from my bed at the Citizen M hotel in New York was fab.

// 09.00 My bed was soooo comfy it took me a full hour to make my way into the shower, which I liked switched to purple (although for future reference purple lighting makes your wee look really orange)

Eggs Florentine

// 10.00 Time for brunch, we made our way to a fab little diner in midtown and tucked into delicious eggs Florentine

Intrepid Museum New York

// 11.00 Making our way to the Intrepid Museum

// 12.00 We took a seat to watch the Noon showing of the Kamikaze Exhibition at the Intrepid Museum

// 13.00 Checking out the aeroplanes on top of an aircraft carrier – like you do!

// 14.00 Seeing the real life Enterprise at the Intrepid’s Hubble Exhibition

// 15.00 Time for coffee – loving those refills!

// 16.00 Resting my feet and catching up with some of my favourite blogs

// 17.00 Watching some sport before we head to the bar, there seems to be a lot more female sport on the TV in the states – wish it was like that everywhere.

// 18.00 Loving the decor in the Citizen M bar

// 19.00 These cocktails were delicious; elderflower gin is very easy to drink 😉

Citizen M New York Rooftop Bar

// 20.00 Enjoying the gorgeous views from the fabulous rooftop bar

Drinks at Citizen M Rooftop Bar

// 21.00 Lots of cocktails and those views – we were here for a while!

And that was my day.  Do you like these kinds of posts?  It was really fun to do, so I’m thinking I’ll do it again.


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