Whale Skeleton Esjberg

Should you use a pun as a blog title… probably not, but it’s too late now!

Even with all the relaxing and eating we did in Esjberg, we still made time to visit a museum, of course!

There are a couple to choose from, including a great art gallery.  We went for the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, which I’ll admit doesn’t sound like the most exciting way to spend an afternoon; but it was ranked highly in TripAdvisor and as Esjberg is a major port, I thought it might have a history worth finding out about.

Whale Skeleton Esjberg

Sitting right outside the front door is the skeleton of a whale, which is a pretty good way to start anything off really.

The museum is an amazing mix of historical fishing boats, social history and animal exhibits, basically anything that has lived, sailed and swum in the seas around the west coast of Denmark.  The social history exhibition spaces were fascinating; original and restored boats explaining how the fishing industry was developed, alongside models charting the rise of the port from small fishing base to today’s mega container place.  And there was a bull hanging from the ceiling.


Bull hanging from the ceiling

Esjberg Fisheries Museum

I absolutely promise you that no boats were climped into during our visit to the museum… 

In A Boat Esjberg

The best things about the museum were the mock-ups of a traditional Danish shipyard, and the seal sanctuary that was tacked onto the main building.  This was great, a multi level huge tank that meant you could watch the seals swimming above and below the water while they were fed fish. Unfortunately the commentary was only in Danish… but it was fun to watch anyway.

Seal at Esjberg

Feeding Seals Esjberg

As if that isn’t enough excitement for one day, there is also an aquarium, I thought it would just be a token gesture, but no, the aquarium was actually a really good size and it had an amazing collection of fish and other sea creatures (just so you know, my knowledge of sea-life mainly comes from Disney movies… there were Sebastians, Flounders, Nemos, Peaches and Mr Rays – we also used the phrase ‘swim down’ probably a lot more than two people in their 30’s should)

Aquarium Esbjerg

Our last stop was the cafe, where we enjoyed tea, cake and the fabulous views.

Cafe Esjberg Fisheries Museum

This was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and if you’re in Esjberg, I would definitely suggest you check it out.







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