You enter the Saadian Tombs via a very narrow and twisting alleyway – which I suspect is one of the reasons why even though it dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, it wasn’t ‘discovered’ until the 1920’s.

Saadian Tombs Entrance

The tombs are made up of three main burial chambers and a small garden and I found it to be both incredibly peaceful and beautiful…. so much so that I wondered if they might allow me to be buried there!

Saadian Tomb Chamber Saadian Tomb Saadian Tombs Chamber Saadian Tombs Headstones Marrakech Saadian Tombs Marrakech Saadian Tombs Marrakesh Saadian Tombs Orange Tree Saadian Tombs Saadian Tombs Headstones


I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the tombs and if you’re heading to Marrakech, I’d certainly recommend it.