The Hague gets me very excited.  Not so much the place itself; although it is lovely, I think it’s more the name. It’s THE HAGUE. Almost everyone will have heard of it, even though they probably don’t know exactly why.

We decided that we would take advantage of the beautiful (but freezing) day and head to the coast. Saving the centre of The Hague for another time.

Once we had finally found somewhere to park (Boon annoyingly decided that none of the five NCP car parks that we drove by were suitable) we walked down to the Scheveningen Pier.

After a bite to eat, we spent a good couple of hours just strolling along, blowing away the cobwebs, watching the waves and breathing in that wonderful sea air.

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On Scheveningen Pier there are a selection of shops, some wonderful photographs and a cafe. You can choose whether to walk through ‘downstairs’ where you are protected by the glass, or head upstairs where the view is better, but there is also a lot more wind.

At end of the pier, there were people bungee jumping…

Bungee Jumping Scheveningen Pier

We had a lovely day and will definitely be heading back soon.