Snow Day at MoMA

Perfect Door MoMA

I was just a little bit overwhelmed when I arrived in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Firstly by how many people were there and secondly by the size of the museum and all the things to see inside it.

We got there first thing in the morning, as it opened, thinking that we’d be out again in time to check out a nice diner for lunch and then head somewhere else in the afternoon.  Boy, were we wrong.

Starting at the top and working our way down we saw incredible works of art, amazing photographs and beautiful architecture.  As always with modern art, there were certain works that we didn’t like, but this time they were few and far between.

We stopped twice, firstly for a cup of tea (of course) and it’s not often you get to brew your tea in a lightbulb, so that’s worth a go and then again for a lateish lunch.

Turns out it was the perfect way to spend the day as it was snowing, which made for a very pretty picture in itself.

I had hundreds of photo’s from my day there, here are a few of my favourites and some of the more interesting pieces.  Get yourself sitting comfortably and take a look at a few of the incredible things to see inside MoMA.

Work of Art at MoMA

Warhol at MoMA

War at MoMA

Uneven Growth MoMA

Toulouse Lautrec at MoMA

Revolt Into Style MoMA

Pollok at MoMA

Perfect Door MoMA

MoMA Snow Day

MoMA Shadow

MoMA Exhibition

MoMA Art

Modern Art at MoMA
Mobile MoMA

Lunch MoMA

Light Bulb Tea Pot MoMA

Klimt at MoMA Kiefer MoMA

Kahlo at MoMA

Inside MoMA

Genocide Game Play MoMA

Colourful Art MoMA

Classics at MoMA

Chagall MoMA

Art at MoMA

Andrew Wyeth at MoMA