Staying at Citizen M Hotel, Times Square

Citizen M Times Square Lobby Pic

The only thing harder than deciding on what to see while you’re in New York is deciding what to eat.

The only thing harder than deciding what to eat while in New York is deciding where to stay.

It ended up being a video from Lily Pebbles that convinced me I should book a room at the Citizen M Hotel. Not only did the location seem ideal – just a two minute stroll from Times Square, but I really wanted to try out their HUGE beds.

The entire hotel has a really cool feel to it.  From the automated check-in to the electronic art on the bedroom walls, this is Hipster with a capital HIP.

And it works, rooms are small, but you hardly notice it as everything inside it is perfectly appointed.  A little hanging space and shelves for clothes, a safe that your laptop can fit in, a little desk area with a little lamp that just cries out to be worked from, there is also a big flat-screen TV perfect for when you collapse, after a hard day of exploring, onto that crazy comfy bed and watch some mindless programming.

Hidden above the huge waterfall shower is a magic light that you control using the tablet in the room.  You can change it to suit your mood.  I loved this, there was a ‘party’ setting that cycled through all of the colours, which was better than Christmas and we pretty much just kept it on that the whole time we were there.

Citizen M Rooftop Bar View New York

Up on the roof is a lovely little bar, with an excellent view of the city, it is only open to guests at Citizen M and the prices weren’t as exterminate as you’d image for a roof-top bar in mid-town Manhattan.  There was a very cosy feel to it, we were VERY comfortable in there 🙂

Down on the ground floor there a lot of different sitting areas, each with a different feel to it.  Citizen M calls it a ‘living room’ of sorts and I can see what they were going for.  Tables and chairs perfect for working next to the little bookshop, a couple of huge sofas sat around a coffee table were ideal  if you’re waiting for someone.  There was more comfy seating around a huge TV plus some tables and chairs close to cafe area for the eating.

The cafe was a bit of a letdown for me, the food and drinks were expensive ($26 for two small cups of tea and two tiny sandwiches), we could have gone pretty much anywhere else in the city and not had to pay that much.

I would definitely be happy to stay there again, it really is a great location and I truly can’t get over just how comfortable that bed was, best week of sleep I have ever had.

Here is a link to the Citizen M website

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