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I wish I had more for you about Vilnius. From what I saw during the hour I spent walking around the Old Town in the dark on New Years Day, it is beautiful.  But as you’ll know if you read my first weekly wrap-up; I was not a well woman during my trip to Lithuania.

So instead of seeing the sights, I got to know the hotel I was staying in really well.    Luckily for me the Moon Garden Art Hotel absolutely came up trumps in terms of caring for a sick guest.

We weren’t 100% convinced which way it would go when we checked in.  The receptionist was perfectly polite, but seemed very confused.  He looked surprised to see us (even though we had booked our car from the airport via the hotel, so they actually knew exactly when we were arriving), he didn’t know what time the hotel restaurant closed, had no idea about room service, couldn’t direct us to a restaurant or convenience store. Perhaps he was new, or maybe it was a language issue – either way not the best start.

But, our room (204)  was lovely; a good size, with exposed brick on the walls, crazy high ceilings, wide window sills, wrought iron bed frame, wet-room style bathroom, bathrobe & slippers and super fast wifi. all looking out over a quiet courtyard.

I made it downstairs to the beautiful restaurant just once, for breakfast. Still set-up for the festive season, everything was white and sparkly. More wrought iron gorgeousness, padded seats and most impressively a part of the original City Walls. We took our seats and were bought a menu to order our hot food from.  The vegetarian options were a little limited; three options vs 18 meaty dishes, but I was very happy with my cheese omelette with vegetables (not had carrot in an omelette before, but it actually worked well) and then helped ourselves to coffee/tea/juice as well as the usual buffet – cheese, bread, cereal, fruit etc.

The Moon Garden is beautifully decorated throughout, it is super stylish, but not in a pretentious ‘I’m scared to touch anything’ way, the lovely bright lobby and the incredible fireplace that glows blue at night were fantastic.

All this aside, as I’ve mentioned what really impressed was just how helpful they were when they learnt that I was stuck in bed;

  • there was no kettle in the room, but they were happy to bring one up, as well as a selection of herbal teas at no extra charge
  • delivered gallons of delicious mushroom soup to the room, again at no extra charge
  • couldn’t have been more helpful when asked about a 24 hour pharmacy – they probably would have gone and gotten the drugs for me, if I had asked

But the absolute icing on the cake, was that on our last day, (our original plan being to check-out and leave our bags at the hotel while we spent a full day exploring and then head to the airport for our evening flight), they were happy for us to stay in the room all day before checking out, again at no additional cost.

So, what I can tell you about Vilnius is that I’ll definitely be back and when I do, I’ll be staying at the Moon Garden Art Hotel again.

Have you been ill while travelling before?  Did your hotel look after you properly?

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  • francaangloitalian says:

    This looks like a lovely place to stay. I love design hotels, for me comfort is very important, if it’s together with a good design it makes a huge difference and not only for the eyes 🙂

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