Esjberg Men at Sea

There must be something about this time of year, that makes me crave peace and quiet, without even realising it.  Last year Philip and I headed to Ameland for a little break and this year we found solace in Denmark.

We wanted somewhere not too busy, by the sea with a few things to do while we were there.  We decided on Esjberg, which neither of us had heard of before, but agreed looked perfect.    Aaaaand because we like nothing more than being trapped in a car together for 9 hours, we drove there, from Brussels.

We arrived not long before the sun set, so headed straight to the beach, did some romantic strolling, took deep cleansing breaths of fresh sea air and admired the 9 metre/30 feet tall monument of Men at Sea.

Sunset Esjberg Beach

Esjberg Men at Sea


I was immediately taken with this huge sculpture by Svend Wig Hansen, I love how each man looks different, but is actually the same.  Imagine being on a ship coming into Esjberg’s port and seeing that staring back at you.  Philip kept asking me to do serious poses staring out to sea so could get some ‘arty’ shots on the blog, but I decided this was the most realistic shot of me…


Men at Sea Esjberg Denmark

VHE Sunset Beach


We stayed at the 272 B&B, which was just slightly to the left of the middle of nowhere. It was actually more like a luxury hostel than a B&B, but it was still lovely.


272 Bed and Breakfast Esjberg

Made from a converted barn, there is one large building that has a big kitchen and lots of cosy areas to hang-out in as well as some rooms.  Then out to the side, there were some stand alone bedrooms and ours was one of them.   It had pretty much everything you could possibly need but most importantly, it was completely secluded.  There was a little area we could sit outside and even though you could hear a busy road, you couldn’t see anything around you apart from fields and trees and after a while, the sound of birdsong hid every other noise.

View from 272 Bed and Breakfast Esjberg

On the first night, we were the only people staying there, so I did have all sorts of nightmares about being attacked by an axe-murderer in my sleep.  But as you can tell, everything was fine!

The next evening we drove to the Hjerting Badehotel, a lovely place, right next to the beach, which has a great bar on-site (Ship-Inn) with stunning views and lovely food.   I opted for the Bakskuld to start, a traditional dish to the South Jutland region of Denmark.  It is a salted, dried and smoked flatfish, which tastes absolutely delicious, but has a very strong flavour.  If you’re not a big lover of fish, stay away from this dish!


Bakskuld Ship-Inn Denmark


I had steak for my main dish – I’d actually ordered plaice, but with such a fishy starter as well, it was just too much fish in one meal (so luckily Philip was happy to swap with me).  It was beautifully cooked, with just a tinge of blood remaining.  The béarnaise sauce it came with was fantastic.  But I was most impressed with the salad.  Presented in a darling little jar; it was simply rocket, black olives, feta cheese and watermelon.

Food at Ship-Inn Hjerting


Now I have never been a huge fan of fruit in my salad, but the watermelon was just perfect.  I shall definitely be re-creating this.

We had a little stroll along the Hjerting Strand after our dinner and enjoyed another beautiful sunset.


Hjerting Strand Denmark

All in all, it was a wonderful break, lovely and relaxing and dare I say just a little romantic – which is rather fitting as it was our wedding anniversary.


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