Southend On Sea

San Fairie Ann Ceiling Decor

Afternoon Tea at San Fairie Ann, Southend

There is something delightfully mismatched and quirky about taking afternoon tea at San Fairie Ann. The stunningly painted ceiling and the beautiful dresses hanging from it, the authentically vintage furniture, the cups and saucers that don’t quite go together, but compliment each other perfectly anyway.   There really are the…

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Bobby Jo's 1950's Diner Southend On Sea

Back At Bobby Jo’s Diner

I feel like I’ve been dragging my heels in publishing this and I suspect that’s because it is my final post from my UK trip.  It makes me realise just how long it is going to be before I’m back and I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with thinking about…

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Grumpy's Diner Southend

Happy Dining at Grumpy’s

Southend-on-Sea isn’t a huge place, so I was rather surprised to learn that it has two completely separate 1950’s diners.  It seemed only fair that I compare the two 😉 Grumpy’s Diner is the newer kid on the block, unlike Bobby Jo’s it is located away from the busy seafront….

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Southend Pier


At 1.34 miles (2.16 km) Southend-on-Sea has the longest pleasure pier in the world. If you’re wondering why they would build such a long pier in Essex of all places, it is for very practical reasons, as the fabulous Wikipedia explains… In the early 19th century, Southend was growing as a seaside…

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I’ve probably mentioned before that my Mum lives near Southend-on-Sea, which is in Essex (which is in England – just in case you’re new here). My Mum very kindly lets me stay with her whenever I’m in the UK, this is great as I get to spend time with Mum…

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Sunset Southend Seafront

Watching The Sunset On Southend Seafront

I often get some rather strange looks for carrying my camera everywhere with me.  But it’s sods law – if I don’t have a camera, there will be something beautiful to take pictures of and I’ll miss it. Visiting my brother and sister-in-law, we decided to stroll along Southend Seafront…

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