Stained Glass

Inside Canterbury Cathedral St Stephen Martyr Chapel

Inside Canterbury Cathedral

Whether you want to participate in the religious services, or, like me, want to marvel at the architecture and soak-up all that history, you won’t be disappointed by a trip inside Canterbury Cathedral. And those ceilings, my goodness, I could just stare at those incredible ceilings for hours – in…

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Square du Petit Sablon Brussels

How To Spend A Day In Brussels

Unlike some brash European capitals, Brussels is a rather modest city.  She doesn’t make her best bits obvious, she is much more subtle than that.  Both the  Grand Place and the Atomium should be on your list of course.  But once you’ve spent a couple of hours with those, here is how to spend…

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Aachen Cathedral


I am currently sat on my sofa, waiting for my nails to dry (yay ladies night out later!), listening to Paloma Faith’s new album, drinking earl grey with lavender tea and planning my trip to Germany this weekend (multi-tasking queen that I am) when I realised, I haven’t actually posted…

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Cologne is one of those places that seems symbolic of a country without ever tempting you that it’s essential to go there.  Berlin for Germany, Paris for France, London for the UK, all have capital city pretensions and pretty much live up to them.  The second rank cities are the…

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