Afternoon Tea

My little home away from home, the place I run to when I need a British fix. As if having a big shop dedicated to all things British, here in Brussels wasn’t enough, there is a traditional British Tea Room as well.

The decor makes me feel like I’ve walked into the little cafe in my Mum’s village.  Everything from the carpets to the pictures on the walls is super English. We took our seats in the very festive and cosy conservatory area and listened to the rain pummelling on the roof.  It was really calming and just a little romantic.

There are several different options on the menu – lots of classic sandwich fillings, jacket potatoes, Ploughman’s salad… but it was the Afternoon Tea I was after:

Dainty finger sandwiches; free range egg mayonnaise & cress, ham & English mustard; A fruit scone served with a pot of strawberry jam and clotted cream; Plus an assortment of mini cakes and pastries.  Served with a pot of tea for one.

I got exactly what I ordered; I asked for the veggie option, so it was 2 egg mayo and 2 cheese and pickle finger sandwiches rather than ham, one scone and three mini pastries, plus a pot of Lady Grey tea – enough for two cups. Beautifully presented on a three-tier stand, it was all delicious, but I think at €17.95 it was just a little over-priced for what there was.  It either needs to be a bit cheaper or a little more food for me to consider it good value for money.

That said it was a lovely treat and nice to get a taste of home.  Plus when we’d finished, we popped to the shop next door and stocked-up on tea and hobnobs.

And now for the age old question… do you put the cream on your scone first or the jam?!

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