The Cat Cafe in Brussels

Cat Seat Le Chat Touille

Phil and I adopted two cats when we first moved in together, they were brother and sister (not actually related, but had been together since they were born), the boy died about a year later, it broke my heart into thousands of pieces.  His sister lived for six more years, before she got really sick and we had to have her put down (I can’t even talk about that day).

We tried adopting again and Jack was such a handsome chap, but he loved being outside and it would have been unfair on him to keep him locked up in our new apartment, so we returned him to the animal shelter and they found a new home for him.

Wondering why I’m telling you this?   In a nutshell I miss having a pet and it seems that I’m not the only person with this problem, as back in 1998 the first Cat Cafe opened in Taiwan.  A place where people could sit, have a drink and play with cats.  Talk about a perfect idea for people who aren’t able to have a pet of their own.

Slowly (too slowly in my opinion) this idea has been spreading around the World and when I heard that a Cat Cafe was finally opening in Brussels, I had to check it out.

Cat Seat Le Chat Touille

All of the cats at Le Chat Touille are from a local shelter, they are vaccinated, sterilised and ready to be adopted.   They only put cats in the cafe that enjoy being stroked by lots of strangers and there is also a separate area where the cats can go if they have had enough fuss, which I think is great.

Of course if you’ve spent any time at all with cats, you’ll know that you aren’t able to get them to do anything that they don’t want to do, including coming over for a cuddle – but that’s why we love them!

Cats are Coming Le Chat Touille

There were three cats milling about while we were there, with another three keeping out of the way.  They loved playing with the toys and of course if anybody ordered food, the cats were there straight away to see if the diner would be willing to share 🙂

I was off out for dinner later on, so didn’t eat there, but the beer was good.

Le Chat Touille is only small, but it’s a really lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

Le Chat Touille, Rue Tasson Snel 11, Brussels, 1060