Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny

Firstly let’s just get it out-of-the-way and say that I really shouldn’t be in charge of naming things; especially not when I’ve had a glass of wine or two.

Secondly, I like to be spontaneous, but only if it is both controlled and organised, by me.

Now we’ve got that covered, let’s get on with the actual blog post.

Boon and I try to head out on day trips at least once every two weeks (more if we can), deciding where to go on these day trips can be ever so tedious.  It was difficult enough coming up with places when we were in the UK, but once we moved to Belgium, we had hundreds of new places to visit and not a clue where to start.

And so one evening, we drank wine and came up with a plan to try to add a little excitement to the proceedings. And so the Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny was born.


Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny



We decided that three hours each way was the driving time limit for a day trip. So using Google Maps I wrote a list of all the major towns within a three-hour drive of Brussels.

There were, as you can imagine a fair few.  I then cut out the names of all the towns, folded them up so you can’t see what’s inside and then added them to the bowl.


Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny



Isn’t it exciting (don’t judge)

When we decide it’s time to go Day Tripping, one of us will close our eyes and randomly  choose a piece of paper from the bowl.


Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny



We try to do it a few days before we actually go, so that there is a little time to research the town and see what we might do there.


Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny



So far we’ve visited a real mixture of places; Luxembourg City in Luxembourg, Koblenz in Germany, Oostende in The Netherlands… the list goes on.

So there you have it – the Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny.  How do you choose the places you visit?


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