the map

Our Expat adventure begin in June 2012 when Philip and I crossed the channel over to Belgium and started exploring Europe from our base in Brussels.

Since then I’ve visited 14 new Countries, mangled a number of languages that really deserved better, tried all sorts of food, had a gazillion adventures, went back to school, made some fantastic friends, lost contact with all sorts of people I didn’t expect to and a shit load of other stuff happened – some of it planned, others a complete surprise.

And now (fanfare please) we  know where we’ll be heading to next…


For the next few years we will be using the UAE as a base and exploring as much of the Middle East, East Africa and Asia as we can.  This is not an area of the world that I know at all well, so I am really excited to get my camera charged up and get out there.

We’ll be making the move in early 2015, the final date is yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, I shall be continuing to explore as much of Europe as I can.

If you know any good Dubai expat blogs, please link them below so I can start doing research into the move.


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