Thursday is the New Friday



You may (or indeed may not) have noticed two things;

Firstly that I’ve had a bit of a play with the design of Very Hungry Explorer.  I wanted to make it less cluttered and just generally give the site a little refresh  – I hope you like it.

Secondly, that it has been a little quieter than usual both on the blog and on social media.  And that is because this move to Dubai has been one of the toughest and most stressful things that Philip and I have done so far.

It’s nobody’s fault in particular, we are putting it down to the little cultural differences, a shit tonne of paperwork, a smidgen of incompetence from the people who were supposed to be supporting us, some good old-fashioned bad luck and cockroaches.

Just typing that word makes me think about the cockroaches and thinking about the cockroaches makes me itch, so I’m not going to say anymore about that just yet.

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be one long rant, I’ll save all my helpful tips for the post (you know is coming) about moving to Dubai.  But here are some of the highlights:

//Nobody bothering to tell us that we needed a permit before we could move into our new apartment, until the day that we had checked out of our hotel and were moving in.  It takes 5 working days to get the permit.  Fun Times.

//Being told that all of our belongings (that were meant to be arriving on June 4th, which actually wouldn’t have worked, because <no permit>) wouldn’t be coming for at least another 10 days.  So we went out and bought all the essentials.  Except everything actually arrived on Tuesday (a week early).

//Our bank account being frozen (because someone at the bank forgot to tick a box saying that they had received our documents) and us not being able to access any money for two days and then having to spend three hours in the branch to get it fixed.   That’s all sorted now – there were burgers to celebrate.

//And just to add salt to my wounds, as it is taking so long to get my visa (and the government has my passport) I won’t be able to go to New York in two weeks, like I’m supposed to be 🙁

Am I feeling sorry for myself?  No, I am not!  Do I wish that we hadn’t moved to Dubai?  Absolutely not!  The positives absolutely outweigh the negatives and that it is all part of the adventure of moving to a new country.   Except cockroaches, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to those… they are fast little fuckers and man do they love avocado.

So please bear with me, everything will be back to normal next week (our weekends are now Friday and Saturday – Sunday is a normal working day) and I’ve already got some great stuff to blog about.


  • Barojenty says:

    Hi Michelle, this is one of the most interesting blogs I have ever seen. I love it. All the wonderful photos and colours. I am sorry that you had such as hard time with the move, but I hope it works out wonderfully for you.

  • Holly says:

    I am glad your comments are back – for a little while there I couldn’t comment?? Sorry to hear there have been teething problems and I would never be able to get on board with cockroaches either! I love your positivity though and I know you will make it work!!

    • Not sure how I managed to turn off the comments :-# Thank you! Spent the last five hours sorting and organising the kitchen, so I’m feeling MUCH more at home now – can’t wait to get cooking again. Say Hi to the UK for me 🙂

  • tiannagratta says:

    No New York!!! That is the worst part. Ha! Sounds a bit trying but I feel if anyone can get through it you guys can.

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