Viewing London From The Orbit

Balloons London View

When I told Philip I was taking Mum to The Orbit, he didn’t have a clue what I was on about.  ‘The big squiggly sculpture at the Olympic Park’ I told him,  ‘you can go up to the top and look out over London’. I still don’t think he really knew what I was talking about.

I hadn’t been able to get tickets when I’d been there before, turns out those tickets had been harder to score than to the actual bloody Olympics.

I had also been curious just what the area around the Stadium would look like three years after the event.  Would it be somewhere worth visiting like the organisers had promised or just left to ruin?

We strolled through the park, amazed at just how much green there was; kids playing in the water fountain and queueing for the helter skelter, families picnicking on the grass, work colleagues grabbing a bit to eat at the food stalls, people cycling along the River Lee.

River Lee Olympic Park London

Olympic Stadium London

You can’t miss The Orbit as you’re walking around, at 115 metres high, it towers above everything else.   Britain’s largest sculpture, it’s made out of 2000 tonnes of steel (most of it having been recycled from old cars, washing machines and the like) and now delivers views of up to 20 miles across London.

The Orbit Olympic Park

Largest Sculpture UK The Orbit

As you’d expect from a sculpture like this, some people love it and some people hate it.  

I love it.  

The lift swooshes you up up to the Observation Deck and the views really are incredible.  Not just out across London, but also of the structure itself.  As it was half term they had filled the top with balloons (such a great idea) which the kids and us adults had loads of fun with.  There were more activities for the little ones on the second deck, as well as a pretty nifty gift shop.

View Over Lea Valley The Orbit

Mirror Balloons The Orbit

Mum The Orbit London

Balloons The Orbit London

London from The Orbit

MJR Balloons

We took the stairs down, 455 steps, (you can take the lift if you want) it was great fun going round and round the tower, although I could really feel it the next day – especially in my calf muscles 🙂

Round and Round The Orbit

455 Orbit Steps

Winning The Olympics

Making our way back through Westfield Shopping Centre, we popped into Wahaca for a bite to eat.

Wahaca Cage Seats Stratford

Black Bean Tostados Wahaca

Mushroom Quesadillas Wahaca

Black Bean Tastados and Mushroom Quesadillas for me, Vegetable Burrito for Mum and of course we ordered some nachos with guacamole. All washed down with Wahaca cocktails and the perfect table for people watching.

Mumsy and I had such a lovely day.  And then went home and collapsed.


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