New York Skyline Met Museum

If you read my post about the Museum of Natural History and thought that was it for museums in New York then you were wrong.

While in NYC, I spent two wonderful hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This of course is nowhere near as much time as I wanted to spend there, but it was definitely better than nothing.

There is absolutely something for everybody at the Met, covering five floors you can take your pick from 15th century clothing to 20th century European paintings, the Egyptian Temple of Dendur to sculptures by Rodin. You’ve also got the fabulous views from the rooftop cafe, a huge gift shop filled with fantastic trinkets and all the temporary exhibitions of course.

As long as you don’t use the flash, or a tripod, they are happy for you to take pictures and take pictures I did…

Egypt Met Museum

Art Gallery Met Museum

Met Museum New York

Roof Top View Met Museum

The $25 admission fee is the recommended price, so if you can only go for a really quick visit, just tell the cashier at the desk when you go in how much you want to pay. If we’d be going for the entire day then we would have been happy to pay the full amount, but as we were only there for a little while we paid $10 instead. I just wanted you to know that, so you weren’t put off by the admission price.

I will definitely be back to the Met and make sure I’ve got a full day there, so I can see it properly.

You can plan your visit on their website.


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