Casablanca Beach View

Between 10pm Monday and 1pm Wednesday this week we drove 900 KM.

I wasn’t even the one doing the driving and I’m exhausted!

Because of that I’ve had all my posts scheduled in advance (and I’m very pleased to see that looks like it’s all working properly – hooray)

Last night we arrived in Casablanca (which naturally I will blog about in detail soon), after taking in how very lovely our hotel was and heading out for a bite to eat and a beer I literally collapsed into bed and slept solidly for eight whole beautiful hours.

Because it was dark when we arrived I didn’t realise just how close we were to the North Atlantic. Now that the sun is rising, it would appear that we are indeed ┬ávery close to the sea as this is the view from our balcony.

Casablanca Beach View Casablanca Sea View

Just gorgeous – absolutely gorgeous.

I’m going to get ready and head out for some exploring.

see you soon…