I make fun of the North of England a lot.  I shouldn’t as it isn’t very nice of me, but I’m from the South of England and that is kind of what we do. It’s all in jest.

In all seriousness though, there are some truly breathtaking areas ‘up north’ with Northumberland being a particular favourite of mine.

Armed as usual with our trusted English Heritage membership cards and completely inappropriate clothing for a day of wandering around muddy castles, Boon and I went to explore Warkworth Castle.

For some reason I have real soft spot for moats and keeps (isn’t it strange how some things you learn at school just randomly stay in your head forever) and Warkworth is a bit of a text-book castle.  Driving up and looking at it from the river Coquet, it has a real fairytale feel to it.  Well to the outside anyway, most of the internal walls are unfortunately long gone.  But you can see where most of them once were, using the fragments that remain.

The Hermitage was closed when we visited and looking at the website, it seems to be closed most of the time (so make you check before you head off) but we spent a good couple of hours wandering around and playing ‘can you hear me from where this room would have been’ before it started raining, thus signalling that it was time get cake.

Warkworth Castle Warkworth Castle Warkworth Castle Warkworth Castle Northumberland View of River from Warkworth Castle MJR Warkworth Castle Exploring Warkworth Castle Castle Walls Warkworth Castle Warkworth Castle English Heritage River Coquet from Warkworth Castle



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