What Makes Me, Me #myfive


I watched this fantastic video from Dan The Director.  It left me feeling both grateful and inspired.

So, here are five things that I appreciate in my life – five things that made/make me the person I am.

//The support from my family and friends is absolutely priceless. Knowing that they will always be there for me (either with a big hug or a place to crash) gives me the confidence to go ahead and  try new things. It’s an incredible safety net to have, when the ‘worst thing that can happen’ is hanging out at my Mum’s while I come up with a new plan, you can’t really go wrong!

//My husband is pretty damn incredible (but don’t tell him I said that), he is my best friend and playmate. He is always there, whether I need a cuddle or a kick up the arse.  No one on the this planet has the potential to irritate me as much as that man, but then no one can make me happier either.  Love is weird and now I’m stuck with him forever (and I wouldn’t have it any other way)  🙂

//Until travelling and learning more about the world, I didn’t realise just how lucky I was to be born and raised in the UK.  It’s not a perfect country by any means, but there are two things in particular that I realise I have taken for granted – the fact that education is free of charge and a legal requirement for all children, this has given me the opportunity to build up a career that I love.  It’s also a Country that provides a passport to all it’s citizens, enabling me to travel around the world and do all the awesome stuff that I’m doing.

//My Mum doesn’t consider herself a feminist (even though she is) and I so happy that she raised me to believe that I can do anything that I want to do. PLUS she always told me that no one is better than me and that I’m not better than anyone else.  They are both pretty powerful messages that are always in the back of my mind.

//This last one made me think deeply about what influences the things that I do – and the important stuff often centres around what I give back.  Not just to friends and family, or through work, but more importantly the time I spend in some form of charity work.  I’m working best as a human when some of my time is spent volunteering – and two places I’ve done that has been the Samaritans (a non-judgemental helpline in the UK for people who want to verbalise their problems), and Amnesty International, where I’ve contributed to many campaigns highlighting the plights of people suffering for their political, religious, social or other beliefs that put them at odds with whatever ruing regime is imprisoning them.  Doing something positive and expecting nothing in return makes me function better as a person – and rounds out my top 5.

As per Dan’s video, I am nominating two fellow bloggers to share their #myfive Kate from Relokate and Holly from Full of Beans and Sausages.  Both Kate and Holly are English expats and have fantastic blogs.  But of course it’s open to everyone else as well 🙂

Have a great week everyone!


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