Modern Times Rijksmuseum

Another day, another museum to gush about.  The Rijksmuseum or (National Museum) in Amsterdam has a great selection of art.

But the layout of the museum isn’t great.  We seemed to spend a lot more time than is normally required checking our map, walking up and down stairs (or waiting for the elevator, because enough already), criss-crossing around the place.

Something else which does irritate me is that  the cafe isn’t big enough, when we tried to go and grab some lunch at 2.30ish there was a HUGE queue that wasn’t moving very quickly, so we ended up grabbing a coffee and brownie (both delicious) from the first floor, which was disappointing.  But it turns out there is a really lovely indoor picnic area, so I would suggest taking your own food and eating in there.

Other than that a great museum.  The highlight for me was the Modern Times Exhibition, which is being held in the newly opened Philips Wing, it’s only on till 11th January – so if you like photographs you should definitely check it out.

Daily life chronicled by ourselves; this is undoubtedly the greatest innovation of 20th century photography.  Around 1900 the camera was still reserved for a few well-to-do amateurs… Photography would soon become a universal visual language understood by everyone


My other favourite thing was the library, so bloody lovely, I could have stayed in there all day.  I was a little sad that I had to stay in the roped off viewing area, rather than being able to actually explore it properly.


Library Rijksmuseum

The rest of the museum is full to the brim with art from the throughout the ages and some Dutch History.  I was especially taken with the Magic Lanterns.

Magic Lanterns are actually the earliest forerunners of modern video and film projectors.  In the mid 17th century it was discovered that a small picture painted on glass could be projected on a larger scale using a light  source and a series of lenses.  These projected images inspired such wonder in viewers that the invention become known immediately as the laterna magica or magic lantern.

This was just one of the beautiful slides on display. The details, the colours, everything, it’s just beautiful.

Magic Lantern Rijksmuseum


Here are some of my favourite things from the rest of the museum.  Looking back over some of my posts, I’m starting to realise just how diverse my taste is when it comes to art and even furnishings!

There is also a bloody good gift shop,   Not only is there a huge selection of books and postcards, but they have taken several of the major works from the museum and put them onto a really diverse mixture of things, from umbrella’s, to fans, cufflinks to t-shirts.  Truly something for everyone AND you can actually go into the shop without paying to go into the museum, so if you’re looking for gifts that are a little bit different, this is a winner.

Check out the Rijksmuseum website for opening times and ticket prices and whatnot.