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An Instagram Mission is pretty much as it sounds… heading out to try and take some great pictures that I can use on Instagram.

Philip and I like to think that we’ve got this down to a fine art by now.  If you fancy going on your own Instagram Mission, here is how we do it:

1) Choose a Location

2) Dress Comfortably – be prepared for time spent sat in the car AND then for schlepping through fields/up mountains/along beaches/around forests and so on…

3) Make sure your camera has a charged battery and an empty memory card

4) Pack snacks and a flask of coffee

5) Jump in the car – set up road trip playlist or read from book until destination has been reached

6) Soak up location while enjoying picnic

7) Take pictures of beautiful location

8) Repeat Point 5 – but this time on your way back home


Here are my Top 10 locations for a successful Belgian Instagram mission:

 Alden Biesen

This fabulous castle has everything you could want for a good photo, the castle itself of course, plus the moat, church, garden and extensive grounds.  Stunning on a sunny day, but a cloudy sky would make a great backdrop for those turrets.

Alden Biesen Belgium


Bois De Halle

This beautiful forest has never let me down, if it is spring make this your first stop – those bluebells are truly something very special.

Bluebells Hallerbos Bois de Halle


Yes, OK, this is a bit of an obvious one, but no matter how many times you visit Bruges, you will find something stunning to take a picture of.



One of my all time favourite places, Dinant has something for everyone.  Whether you want natural wonders, massive man-made structures or stunning views.  And once you’ve exhausted all of that, you can go on a boat trip and open up a brand new bunch of options.

Our Lady Church Dinant


If you want to try photographing something a little different, Doel is the spot for you.  Now an almost deserted town, Doel is covered in amazing street art, poignant political statements and more standard graffiti. If that doesn’t do it for you, there is the eerily peaceful churchyard to look at or the irony of a windmill right in front of a nuclear power plant.

Doel, Belgium


Another beautiful town to lose yourself in, take pictures of boats sailing along canals, the castle, incredible architecture, beautiful old churches, street vendors offering traditional food, tourists in cafe’s  – it’s got it all.


Grand Place, Brussels

Yes, I know another place stacked to the brim with tourists, but there is a reason for that, the Grand Place is bloody beautiful.  Two and half years and it still leaves me dumbstruck whenever I walk in. It is just as impressive at night as well, especially with all the Christmas lights.

Grand Place Christmas Tree Brussels


Climb up to the top of the Citadel and let your camera work it’s magic, capturing that incredible view.

View over Namur

Royal Greenhouses, Laeken

This one can only be reached for a few weeks during the Summer, but is definitely worth marking your calendar for.  The palace, greenhouse and grounds are all incredibly photogenic, that’s before we get to the incredible selection of flowers available to view inside.

Royal Greenhouse - Laeken

Three Countries Point

Want to take stunning views of three countries at once?  Of course you do.  So head over to Three Countries Point, if the views aren’t enough for you there is some stunning woodland to wander through.

Three Countries Point


Let me know if you accept the mission and where you end up going and if you have any tips for Instagrammable places in Belgium.  Even better, link to your Instagram account below and I will check your pictures out.


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