Table For One

Me: “I don’t think I’ll be able to visit there before we move, plus Philip is working all the time at the moment”

My Pal: “Well, why not just go on your own”?

A simple enough suggestion, for sure, but little did she know that my heart had started beating faster and my mouth had gone dry and I was feeling rather sick, in fact if I thought about it for too long, there was every possibility that this would turn into a panic attack.

Here is the thing, I haven’t travelled on my own for years.  I used to do it and I had no problems whatsoever. Even after I was married, I would go off by myself exploring, but something has changed in the last few years and the thought of travelling on my own scares the absolute shit out of me.

I don’t know why, there isn’t a specific thing that worries me about being on my own; in fact, if anything, I enjoy my own company, but I seemed to be actively avoiding going on any trips without taking Philip or a friend along with me.

And I can’t be having that, Hell No.  Not travelling alone because you’ve done it before and found you didn’t  enjoy it and you’d rather go with someone, that’s fine. But not taking a solo trip because you’re scared  – absolutely not.

As I was going to be in the UK with family for a week, I decided to suck it up and travel into London and spend a few days being a tourist, staying in a hotel, on my own.

And not only did nothing bad happen, but I had a bloody lovely time.

Z Hotel

I stayed at The Z Hotel, Piccadilly, which is in a fantastic location (between Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus), but the rooms are on the small side.  To have two people stay in their standard double room, would definitely be a squeeze, but they are perfect for one.  They also offer free cheese and wine in the evening, so I knew that if I chickened out of eating dinner on my own somewhere, I could head down to the bar for cheese instead.

It was lovely being able to stop whenever I wanted to and snap pictures (not that Philip minds me taking pics – but I always end up feeling like I’m taking too long), especially while I was in The National Gallery and British Museum.

Dinner on my own at Prezzo

Even though I was worried about looking like  a dick, I took a deep breath and requested a table for one at Prezzo in Trafalgar Square, the waitress didn’t seem to think anything of it.   I sat and watched the world go by, while I ate my two course meal, drank my bubbly and read my book. Nobody took any notice of me.  And once I’d calmed down and stopped worrying, it was actually really nice.

I feel so much better now that I’ve had this little trip on my own. It’s not like I really pushed myself, my family were less than an hour away after all, but that’s not the point.  The point was to go and do it all on my own, and I did!  It has given my confidence a massive boost and I’m now planning my next adventure – somewhere a little further afield.

If you’ve not been away on your own before, I’d really recommend it.  There is something incredibly liberating about not having to take anybody else into consideration and it’s a huge confidence booster 🙂

You don’t have to throw yourself in at the deep end, just book a night or two somewhere about two hours away from where you live. Travel there on  your own, spend time in your own company, just doing what you want to do.  I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

Does the thought of travelling on your own excite or horrify you?


  • tiannagratta says:

    Sounds like me! So glad I have been taking the leap and going with no one!

  • Holly says:

    I know what you mean about feeling like you are taking too long whenever you take pics, I feel like that. I love travelling alone. Always have. I haven’t done it since before Luke and I were together (minus flights alone to the UK) and I was thinking just the other day that I really should go somewhere alone, just worry Luke would think it is because I don’t want to spend time with him.

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