Taking A Peek Into Dubai’s Box Park

Box Park Very Hungry Explorer

We’ve got a lot to learn about timings in Dubai.  Most shops and pretty much all restaurants are open until midnight.    This is very different to how things were in Belgium and it is going to take some getting used to.

We made an effort to head out late to the Box Park.  We got there at about 6pm and were pretty much the only people there.  It wasn’t until we had mooched, shopped and eaten (9.30pm) that it started to get busy.  I think I”ll have to start napping in the afternoon and then staying out late :-)

The only similarities between Box Park Dubai and Box Park London are the fact that the shops are all in shipping containers and of course the name, other than that they have nothing in common.    The shops are all set out in a long line, almost like the strip.  Don’t worry there is a little electronic car to take you up and down if you get fed up of walking.

Box Park Dubai

Burj Khalifa View

Our first stop was into Logma for super refreshing drinks and to watch the sunset – the food looked fantastic, so I definitely want to go back and eat there.

We made our way in and out of shops, Box Park hasn’t been open very long, so there are a lot of exciting retailers still to come.  Typo was my favourite – a fantastic selection of stationery and homewares.  I was in there for quite a while and came with a rather HUGE bag full of goodies.

Box Park Animals Dubai

Dubai BoxPark

Electric Car Dubai Box Park

Dubai Box Park Show Time

Box Park was pretty damn good looking during the day, but at night it was absolutely beautiful.  As I’ve come to expect from Dubai, every part of it lit up – the containers, trees, pavement, signs – the lot.

Shipping Containers Box Park Dubai Dubai Box Park Lights Colourful Shipping Containers Box Park Dubai Box Park Dubai Trees

Dubai Box Park Night Dubai Box Park Bright Lights

We popped into Markette for dinner. I love that the staff give you a chorus of “welcome home, welcome to Markette” as you walk in.

I went for the ‘Michel’ a delicious savoury galette full of  goats cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, eggs, rocket and balsamic vinegar.  The ingredients were so fresh and tasty, that I wasn’t even upset that I was too full for dessert.   There are a couple more veggie options on their menu, so I”ll definitely be back to eat there again.

Markette Box Park Dubai

Bread and Tapenade Markette

Michel Gallette Markette Dubai

The Box Park is a lovely way to spend a few hours, with some interesting shops and eating options – plus some great views of the Dubai skyline.

BoxPark, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1